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Diamond V Shape Profile Grinding Wheel


The Diamond V Shape Grinding Wheels is a Profile Wheels made with high quality nickel plated diamond on steel can carve intarsia, channel work, stained glass and other applications that require curved edges.It has a  1" arbor comes with bushing to bush the arbor to 3/4", 5/8", and1/2". Any specifications are available according to customer’s requirements.Welcome to customize by supplying samples and polishing workpiece!

These electroplated diamond convex carving grinding wheels are a fantastic tool for carving designs into your work. The wheels is solid steel with a rounded outer rim coated with diamond particles. The shape of the wheels allows for grinding of gemstones with uneven surfaces and is ideal for carving boulder opal.Also can Use these round-faced carving wheels  when doing carving, intarsia, channel work, stained glass and other applications that require curved edges. Use the 1/4" and 1/2" widths for narrow grooves and the 1" wide for larger ones. Four wheels  diameters increase your choices. All  carving wheels can be used on the Titan. All but the 8" wheels  can be used on the Genie. Only the two and four inch wheels  can be used on the Pixie. These wheels  can also be used on most other grinding machines that have standard arbors. wheels  are bored to 1" and come bushed to fit 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" arbors.Diamond wheels are excellent for grinding and polishing gemstones and are a fine solution for the machine tool industry for grinding and polishing carbide tools

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Q: What is a Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel?
A Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel is a specialized grinding tool designed for shaping and carving curved surfaces on various materials, including stone, concrete, ceramics, and glass. It features a convex shape, allowing for precise and efficient grinding in concave areas.
Q: What are the key features of a Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel?
Some key features of these grinding wheels include: Convex shape: Designed to fit into concave surfaces for effective grinding and shaping. Diamond abrasive: Utilizes diamond particles for efficient material removal and long-lasting performance. Compatibility: Suitable for use on a variety of materials, including stone, concrete, ceramics, and glass. Precision: Enables precise shaping and detailing of curved surfaces, making it ideal for carving and sculpting applications.
Q: What are the benefits of using a Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel?
The benefits of these grinding wheels include: Efficient material removal: Diamond abrasive particles offer fast and efficient grinding performance. Versatility: Can be used for various shaping and carving tasks on different materials. Precision and control: The convex shape allows for precise grinding in concave areas, providing control over the shaping process. Longevity: Diamond abrasive ensures durability and extended tool life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Q: How does a Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel work?

The grinding wheel utilizes diamond abrasive particles embedded in a matrix material to grind and shape the surface of the material. The convex shape of the wheel enables it to access and grind concave surfaces, such as bowls, sculptures, and other curved structures, with accuracy and control.

Q: What materials can be ground or carved using a Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheel?
These grinding wheels are suitable for working with a wide range of materials, including: Stone: Granite, marble, limestone, and other natural stones. Concrete: Suitable for shaping and smoothing concrete surfaces. Ceramics: Ideal for grinding and carving ceramic tiles, pottery, and sculptures. Glass: Used for shaping and detailing glass surfaces in art and architectural applications.
Q: Are there different grit options available for Diamond Convex Carving Grinding Wheels?
Yes, these grinding wheels may come in different grit sizes to accommodate various grinding and shaping requirements. Different grit options allow for adjusting the level of aggressiveness and achieving different surface finishes, from coarse grinding to fine detailing.
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