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1インチのステンレス鋼シャフトとボールイヤリングを備えた6インチ8インチラピダリーコンビネーションユニットキャビンググラインダーポリッシャーマシン、7個のアルミニウムスペーサーとフランジ、ロックナットまた、3 / 4HP熱保護ボールベアリングモーター、304ステンレス鋼によるフードプロセスを備えています。カバー簡単に取り外せるように2つのUスロットがあります。また、各ホイールに8つのシャットオフバルブを備えた調整可能なドリップウォーターシステムを提供できます。シャフトは、右端で1 / 4-20スピンオンポリッシュヘッド用にタップされ、1 /用にタップされています。左端に2インチのアルミニウムラップまたはダイヤモンドファセットラップ。シリコンカーバイドまたはダイヤモンドホイール、またはゴム製の拡張可能なドラムを受け入れます。

Lapidary Slab Trim Saw


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Q: Can you use water with a lapidary saw?

Running water or water based coolants on any of our slab saws will void the warranty, but however we do realize that for some materials, running water or water-based coolants is essential for avoiding discoloration. We do it ourselves but NOT for hard agates and jaspers.
Q: What is the best cabbing machine?
The Diamond Pacific cabbing machines are the highest quality cabbing machines on the market and come with the highest quality cabbing wheels on the market. Cutting Edge Supply always suggests these machines to any experienced cutters. The Diamond Pacific Pixie is going to be the lightest weight cabbing machine.
Q: What can you do with a cabbing machine?
Cabbing machines have multiple purposes such as cutting, trimming, grinding, and polishing.
Q: What is the best beginner lapidary saw?
Hans Diamond Trim Saw is a good starter option. A slab saw has a larger and thicker blade, making it suitable for trimming down rough rock slabs, or large stones that won't fit into a trim saw. This slab saw option has a vise to help you trim the rock safely.
Q: What is the difference between a cabbing machine and a faceting machine?
A cabbing machine only used for cutting and polishing flat and curved surfaces. It is composed of a motor, grinding wheel and accessories to grind and cut material to create cabochons, or cabochon gems. A faceting machine, on the other hand, is a more complex tool used to cut and polish gemstones.
Q: What is the difference between 6 and 8 Cabbing?
The 6″ Cabbing can be set up by one person in less than 30 minutes; however, we recommend two people. The 8″ Cabbing requires two people and also takes approximately 30 minutes to set up. You will need a sturdy table or stable surface that is well lit.
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