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Seamless Diamond Strips for Textile Sueding


Our Diamond Emery Strip, Cloth, and Tapes are designed to provide a superior sueding experience for the textile industry. With precise diamond pellet placement and concentration, our products offer the best swarf removal and cool performance. The single layer strip resists heat and prevents stretching, ensuring a longer lifespan for your machinery.

Our LAFER Diamond Emery Paper and Seamless Diamond strip s are specifically designed for Fabric Sueding Machines, such as LAFER, CARU, and UNITECH. With our diamond abrasive strip s and paper, you can eliminate breakage at the seam, allowing for continuous production without interruption for strip replacement. Our strips will completely wear before needing replacement, resulting in increased, predictable performance and production.

Our products are suitable for all horizontal, vertical, or tambour diamond peaching machines. They are able to peach woven, knitted, and warp-knitted fabrics from 80 – 500 gsm. Wet Emerizing Single Trapezoid, Double Trapezoid is available, with standard widths of 1900 or 2800 mm.

Our Diamond Emery Machine is capable of producing a soft nap on the surface of a skin, resulting in a soft garment leather known as "suede". It reduces downtime, increases throughput, and produces a perfect finish while eliminating fiber strain from build-up. Our machine is compatible with any vertical, horizontal, or drum sueding industry machines.

We offer a wide range of Machinery types for which we can fit our diamond sueding abrasives, including Broma, Comet Unitec, Curtin-Hebert, Danti Paolo, Haining, HAS Lafer-Turk, Lafer, Lamperti, Lisa, Mario Crosta, MCS, Memnum, Sanwa, Sperotto, Sucker Muller, and Xetma.

In summary, our Diamond Emery strip , Cloth, and Tapes, along with our  LAFER Diamond Emery Paper and Seamless Diamond strips, offer the best in swarf removal and cool performance for the textile industry. Our products are compatible with a wide range of machinery types and are designed to reduce downtime and increase throughput while producing a perfect finish.

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What is the company Diamond Tool?

Diamond Tool is a full line contractor supply house. With a 20,000 square foot showroom, in-house repair department, large rental equipment fleet, knowledgeable inside and outside sales staff, and emphasis on safety service solutions, Diamond Tool brings something unique to contractors everyday.

How do you electroplate diamond tools?

In the diamond electroplating process, the tool body (negatively charged) is placed in a tank where the diamond grit (positive charge) is “tacked” to the exposed surface. Nickel is then electroplated to strengthen the hold of the diamond grit to the body.

How are diamond coated tools made?

Plated diamond tools: These tools are made by fixing the diamonds onto the tool's base via electroplating method or via CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. They can usually be made to good processing precision. Ceramic-bonded diamond tools: The tools' bonding material is usually glass and ceramic powder.

What are the benefits of diamond tools?

Tools that use diamonds have higher wear resistance, higher grinding efficiency, and a longer lifespan. Diamond saws and drills will help ensure a high-quality cut for concrete projects, and will reduce time and effort. Synthetic diamonds are a regular fixture in the construction industry.

What are electroplated diamond tools?

Electroplated diamond tools have a monolayer of abrasive coating on a metal substrate. The individual diamond grits are bonded through an electroplated nickel layer. They project well out of the bond so that very open, easy cutting tools with exceptionally large chip spaces are created.

What kinds of processes require the use of diamond tools?

1. Geological Exploration and Mining. Diamond cutting tools are used in the oil/gas industry for drilling and mining bits. ... 2. Construction. ... 3. Stone Processing Applications. ... 4. IT and Home Appliances. ... 5. Engineering Ceramics Applications.

Diamond Abrasive Products
Diamond Abrasive Products
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