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ダイヤモンドドレッサーホイール砥石をドレスアップする最も速くて簡単な方法!シングルポイントドレッシングツールのすべての不正確さと困難を避けてください!このニッケルメッキのドレッサーは、長持ちする46グリットのダイヤモンドチップを備えており、素早いリサーフェシングや成形が可能です。シングルポイントドレッシングツールとは異なり、幅1/2 "、長さ1-3 / 4"のドレッシング表面積があります。ホイールの均一な再調整は、ドレッサーをツールレストに置いてホイールに接触させるのと同じくらい簡単です。砥石の面を横切って一点のダイヤモンドチップを正確にガイドしようとする無駄な試みによるフラストレーションはもうありません。工具全体の長さは4-5 / 8 "です。
3.ドレッシング表面積は幅1/2 "x長さ1-3 / 4"
4.工具全体の長さ4-5 / 8 "

  • ホイールの表面から研磨粒子をノックし、ホイールを同心にすることによって、ホイールを真にします。これにより、振動が最小限に抑えられ、表面仕上げが改善され、ワークピースの表面全体での不均衡なホイールの振動が排除されます。

  • これらの研磨粒子を取り除きます。これは、ホイールの表面から新しい研磨剤を露出させる効果もあります。各砥粒は小さな切削工具です。磨耗した穀物は、そのエッジが鈍くなり、その効果を失います。したがって、新鮮な穀物を露出させることは、研ぎ澄ましプロセスです。ホイールのグレージングは、丸みを帯びた粒子の証拠であり、スピニングホイールの反射面によって目立ちます。

  • ホイールを清掃します。ワークピースがホイールが設計されているグレードよりも柔らかい場合、研磨粒子が時間内に除去されて、新鮮で鋭い粒子が現れることはありません。したがって、ホイールは、特に粒子間の細孔がワークピースの破片で満たされると、エッジを失ったように見えます。ホイールはロードされていると言われ、ホイールの選択が非常に重要である理由の1つです。


The performance of a diamond dresser wheel is crucial for achieving precise and effective dressing of grinding wheels. Here are key aspects that determine their performance:

  1. Diamond Quality: The quality of the diamond used in the dresser wheel significantly impacts its performance. High-quality diamonds ensure better cutting ability, durability, and precision during the dressing process.

  2. Abrasive Efficiency: Diamond dresser wheels should efficiently remove dull and worn-out abrasive grains from grinding wheels. Their ability to cut through the grinding wheel's surface and expose fresh abrasive grains is crucial for restoring the wheel's cutting ability.

  3. Consistency in Dressing: Consistent dressing across the entire surface of the grinding wheel is essential for maintaining uniformity in wheel shape and sharpness. A well-performing dresser wheel will achieve consistent truing and shaping throughout the wheel's profile.

  4. Precision in Profiling: Dresser wheels need to accurately profile grinding wheels to the desired shape and geometry. Precision is vital for achieving specific angles, radii, or contours required for various grinding operations.

  5. Durability and Longevity: A high-quality diamond dresser wheel should maintain its cutting efficiency and shape over extended periods of use. Durability ensures consistent performance and longer tool life, reducing the frequency of replacement.

  6. Heat Dissipation: During the dressing process, heat can build up due to friction between the dresser wheel and the grinding wheel. Efficient heat dissipation properties in the dresser wheel prevent damage to both wheels and maintain the dressing accuracy.

  7. Surface Finish: The dresser wheel's performance influences the surface finish achieved on the workpiece after grinding. A well-dressed grinding wheel produces smoother surfaces, improving the quality of finished products.

  8. Compatibility: The dresser wheel should be compatible with the material and grit size of the grinding wheel. Different materials and grit sizes require specific dresser wheels to achieve optimal performance.

Regular maintenance, proper handling, and using dresser wheels within recommended parameters are essential to optimize their performance and extend their lifespan. Additionally, selecting the right dresser wheel for specific grinding applications contributes to achieving superior grinding results and maintaining efficiency in machining operations.


Diamond dresser wheels are critical tools used in the dressing and shaping of grinding wheels used in various industries. Their applications include:

  1. Truing and Dressing Grinding Wheels: Diamond dresser wheels are primarily used for truing and dressing conventional abrasive grinding wheels. They remove worn abrasive grains and reshape the wheel's surface to restore its cutting ability and geometric accuracy.

  2. Precision Dressing: In precision grinding operations, especially in industries like aerospace, automotive, and tool manufacturing, diamond dresser wheels ensure precise profiling and geometry of the grinding wheel. This is crucial for maintaining dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the workpiece.

  3. Surface Finish Enhancement: These dresser wheels help achieve the desired surface finish on the workpiece by dressing the grinding wheel to the required profile and sharpness. This is vital in achieving smooth and accurate surfaces, particularly in applications where surface quality is critical.

  4. Sharpening and Reconditioning: They are used in sharpening and reconditioning tools, such as cutting inserts, milling cutters, drills, and other precision tools that use grinding wheels for their maintenance.

  5. Manufacturing and Tooling: In manufacturing settings, diamond dresser wheels are employed for shaping and profiling grinding wheels used in various machining processes. They play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of machining operations.

  6. Custom Profiles and Forms: These dresser wheels can create custom profiles and complex forms on grinding wheels, allowing for specific grinding requirements in specialized applications, such as gear manufacturing, bearing production, and turbine blade machining.

  7. Reconditioning Wheels: They are used for reconditioning or refurbishing worn-out grinding wheels, extending their lifespan and maintaining their efficiency.

Diamond dresser wheels are essential in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of grinding operations across industries by ensuring that grinding wheels remain sharp, true, and capable of producing high-quality finished products. They're vital tools in precision manufacturing and machining processes where the quality of surface finish and dimensional accuracy are critical.

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Q: What is a diamond grinding wheel dresser?

A diamond dresser is a tool that has one or more diamond(s) mounted on a shank by sintering. It is used to true and “dress” grinding wheels. Its hard and sharp cutting edge is used to reshape a grinding stone to be flat and to contour its porousness to affect different cutting aggression by the wheel.
Q: Can a diamond grinding wheel be dressed?
For carbide insert manufacturers, Haas uses diamond grinding wheels that must be dressed (a slight trimming process to bring a tool into correct geometric form) on a regular basis to ensure grinding results.
Q: What are the grades of diamond dressers?
These are offered in three grades - A, B and C - for diamond sizes from 0.25 to 5.00 carat size. Considerable care should be taken in mounting the diamond dresser in position. Diamonds are sensitive to shock and heat. The dresser must be clamped rigidly in place to avoid vibration once dressing begins.
Q: What are the advantages of diamond tip wheel dresser?
Single-Point Diamond Dressers They are quite versatile and are made using raw diamonds placed in holders using unique bonding. Single point diamond dressers can be used in getting rid of worn-out abrasive grains and they return the grinding wheel to its exact shape.
Q: What does a grinding wheel dresser do?
Grinding dressers are used to return a wheel to its original round shape (to true it up), to expose fresh grains for renewed cutting action (including cleaning away clogged areas), or to make a different profile (cross-sectional shape) on the wheel's edge.
Q: What is the typical mounting angle of a diamond dresser?
Grinding performance is influenced by the conditions of dressing and trueing. If the rigidity of dresser is small and the dresser is incorrectly mounted, correct dressing is impossible. The diamond dresser is usually tilted to 15°of angle.
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