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Perforated Diamond Disc

Dive into the world of precision grinding with the Hans Diamond Abrasive System and its innovative Perforated Diamond Disc. This disc, utilizing a magnetic mounting approach, offers unparalleled ease of use—simply attach the adhesive-backed, flexible magnetic holder to the grinding head, eliminating the need for extra adhesive or shaft nuts. Once in place, the disc is ready for action, delivering exceptional performance in a wide range of grinding tasks.

The Hans Diamond Abrasive System utilizes a magnetic mounting approach for all grinding tasks using a singular head. To begin, affix the adhesive-backed, flexible magnetic holder onto the grinding head—no extra adhesive or shaft nuts needed. Once set, the grinding head is primed for diamond cutting discs. Position it onto the magnet, and it's ready for action.

Start with the coarse disc (100g) to swiftly eliminate substantial material. Transition to the medium disc (220g) for refining surface quality and preparing for finer grinding. The fine disc (600g) effectively eliminates the medium finish, priming the surface for pre-polishing.

For polishing, employ the Diamond Compound as either a pre-polish (8,000 mesh) or a final polish (ranging from 14,000 mesh to 50,000 mesh) on a polish plate. This comprehensive system offers a seamless transition between grinding stages and efficient polishing, ensuring a range of surface finishes for various applications.

System Overview:

  • Magnetic Mounting: The system employs a flexible magnetic holder with adhesive backing, eliminating the need for additional adhesive or shaft nuts. This holder attaches easily to the grinding head.

  • Preparation: Once the adhesive-backed magnetic holder is in place, the grinding head is ready to accommodate diamond cutting discs.

  • Grinding Steps:

    • Coarse Disc (100g): Use this disc to effectively remove significant amounts of material, initiating the grinding process.

    • Medium Disc (220g): Switch to the medium disc to refine the surface finish and prepare the piece for finer grinding stages.

    • Fine Disc (600g): This disc efficiently removes the medium finish, preparing the surface for the pre-polish stage.

  • Diamond Compound for Polishing:

    • Pre-Polish (8,000 mesh): Utilize the diamond compound as a pre-polish, enhancing the surface before the final polishing stages.

    • Final Polish (14,000 to 50,000 mesh): Depending on the desired finish, use varying mesh grades of the diamond compound on a polish plate for the final polishing.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Simplified Operation: The magnetic mounting system eliminates the need for complex attachments, making the process more straightforward.

  • Versatile Grinding: The ability to switch between different diamond cutting discs allows for versatile grinding from coarse to fine finishes.

  • Efficient Polishing: The inclusion of diamond compounds with varying mesh grades facilitates efficient pre-polishing and final polishing stages.

This system's efficiency, versatility, and the range of grits offered by the diamond cutting discs and compounds make it suitable for various grinding and polishing applications in materials processing and finishing.

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Q: What are the benefits of using a Perforated Diamond Disk?

Improved chip removal: The perforations allow for better chip removal, reducing the risk of clogging and improving tool life. Enhanced coolant flow: The holes enable better coolant flow, reducing heat buildup and improving tool performance. Increased tool life: The improved chip removal and coolant flow contribute to longer tool life and reduced maintenance. Better surface finish: The Perforated Diamond Disk produces a smoother surface finish, reducing the need for additional finishing operations.
Q: What are the common applications of Perforated Diamond Disks?
Cutting and shaping wood: For cutting, shaping, and profiling wood for various woodworking projects. Cutting and shaping metal: For cutting, shaping, and profiling metal for various metalworking projects. Cutting and shaping stone: For cutting, shaping, and profiling stone for various stone cutting projects.
Q: What industries use Perforated Diamond Disks?
Woodworking: For cutting and shaping wood, including furniture making, cabinetry, and woodworking projects. Metalworking: For cutting and shaping metal, including fabrication, machining, and metalworking projects. Stone cutting: For cutting and shaping stone, including granite, marble, and other natural stones.
Q: How do I choose the right Perforated Diamond Disk for my application?
Determine the material: Identify the material you'll be cutting or shaping (wood, metal, or stone). Consider the cutting depth: Choose a disk with the appropriate cutting depth for your application. Select the correct grit: Choose a disk with the correct grit (coarseness) for your application. Consider the coolant: Choose a disk designed for use with coolant or dry cutting, depending on your application.
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