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Inland Twin Grinder Disk

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Manufacturing Industry Perspective Improve your manufacturing process with the Inland Twin Grinder Disk. Designed for use with the Inland Twin Spin Grinder, this disk is perfect for grinding and shaping various materials, including metal, plastic, and other hard materials. Its diamond-coated outer edge ensures efficient and precise grinding and shaping, making it a valuable tool for any manufacturing facility.The 5" Diamond Grinder Disc is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to achieve fast and efficient grinding and shaping. It is designed specifically for use with the Inland Twin Spin Grinder, and features a diamond-coated outer edge that allows for quick and precise grinding and shaping of various materials, including glass, tile, stone, and other hard materials.Each disc is carefully inspected for quality before any diamond is applied to ensure that it will spin properly on the motor shaft. This guarantees that you will achieve the best possible results every time you use the disc.With the inland 5 diamond grinder disc replacement, you can straight edge grind and remove flares, quickly grind and shape using the disc's outer edge, miter and bevel edges for flat and 3-D projects, and shape ceramic, tile, and stone for home and hobby projects. The disc is perfect for improving the fit of your projects for a more finished and professional look.The SuperFine disc is ideal for very fine edge or delicate grinding needs and materials. The image above shows the Medium, FineGrit, and SuperFine Grit disks.Investing in the 5" Diamond Grinder Disc is a smart choice for anyone who wants to achieve superior results in their grinding and shaping  projects. Its diamond-coated outer edge ensures fast and efficient grinding, while its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of materials and applications.


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