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The Diamond Wire Loop Saw is indeed a crucial tool in the manufacturing of silicon materials, particularly in the production of silicon wafers used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Here are some specifications and key features of this tool:

  1. Surface Finish: The Diamond Wire Loop Saw is capable of achieving a highly precise surface finish. It can create a surface finish ranging from 0.328 to 0.6 micrometers (μm). This level of precision is essential for producing high-quality silicon wafers used in electronic and solar cell applications.

  2. Total Thickness Variation (TTV): The Total Thickness Variation is approximately 10 micrometers (μm). TTV refers to the variation in thickness across the silicon wafers produced using this cutting tool. Minimizing TTV is important for ensuring uniformity and consistency in the wafers, which is crucial in semiconductor and photovoltaic applications.

  3. Wire Composition: The cutting wire used in the Diamond Wire Loop Saw is made from a high-strength material that is coated with diamond particles. This combination of high-strength material and diamond coating allows for precise and efficient cutting of silicon and other hard materials. Diamond is one of the hardest known materials and is ideal for cutting through crystalline silicon.

  4. Wire Diameter: The wire used in these saws is typically very thin, often in the range of 350 to 2000 micrometers (0.35 to 2.0 millimeters). The specific diameter may vary depending on the equipment and application.

  5. Diamond Coating: The wire loop is coated with industrial-grade synthetic diamonds. The quality and density of the diamond coating are critical for cutting efficiency and the smoothness of the cut.

  6. Feed Rate: The feed rate, or the speed at which the silicon wafer is moved through the saw, is a critical parameter. It is typically controlled precisely to ensure clean and accurate cuts. The feed rate can vary based on the thickness and hardness of the silicon wafers.

  7. Tension Control: Proper tension control of the diamond wire is crucial to prevent wire breakage and ensure precise cutting. Tension control systems are integrated into the saw equipment.

  8. Coolant/Lubrication: Diamond wire loop saws often use a coolant or lubrication system to reduce friction and dissipate heat generated during the cutting process. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the silicon wafers and prolonging the life of the diamond wire.

  9. Cutting Speed: The cutting speed may vary depending on the specific equipment and the desired thickness of the silicon wafers. Precision control of cutting speed is essential to achieve the desired results.

  10. Precision and Accuracy: Diamond wire loop saws are known for their high precision and accuracy in cutting silicon wafers. They can produce wafers with minimal kerf loss (the width of the cut) and high surface quality.

  11. Safety Features: These machines typically have safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents. Safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks are common components.

  12. Waste Management: Proper waste management systems are often integrated into the equipment to collect and dispose of silicon debris and dust generated during the cutting process.

  13. Maintenance Requirements: Regular maintenance is essential to keep the equipment in optimal working condition. This includes cleaning and inspecting the diamond wire, replacing worn parts, and ensuring proper tension control.



  1. Wire Diameter: With a wire diameter of 0.35mm-2.5mm, this saw is tailored for cutting marble. The specific workpiece specification (120mm x 120mm x 400mm) allows for versatility in applications, making it suitable for various projects.

  2. Cutting Speed: The impressive cutting speed of 30m/s ensures a quick and efficient cutting process. This speed is crucial for productivity, making it possible to complete tasks swiftly.

  3. Feed Speed: The feed speed is set at 15mm/min, providing precise and accurate cuts. This precision is vital to achieve the desired surface finish on marble with minimal room for error.

  4. Tensile Strength: The diamond wires used in the saw have a tensile strength of 150N, ensuring they are strong enough to endure the demands of the cutting process. This strength contributes to the wires' ability to maintain their shape and sharpness over time, resulting in consistent, high-quality cuts.

  5. Cutting Effect: One of the standout features of this saw is its remarkable cutting effect. With an Ra (surface roughness) of up to 0.7μm, it can achieve a smooth and polished finish on marble surfaces. This exceptional finish quality makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including architectural projects and decorative pieces.


Photovoltaic silicon wafers are the building blocks of solar cells. Diamond wire loop saws can be used to cut large blocks of silicon into thin wafers with precision. This is a critical step in the production of solar cells, as the thickness and quality of the wafers directly impact the efficiency and performance of the final solar panels.

  1. Solar Cell Manufacturing: Once silicon wafers are cut, they are further processed to create solar cells. Diamond wire loop saws may be used in this stage to trim and shape the edges of the wafers or to make precise cuts for specialized solar cell designs.

  2. Module Manufacturing: Solar panels are made by assembling multiple solar cells into a module. Diamond wire loop saws can be used to trim and size the solar cells before they are assembled into a panel. This ensures that the cells fit together neatly and efficiently, maximizing the power output of the panel.

  3. Research and Development: In research and development settings, diamond wire loop saws can be valuable tools for cutting and shaping photovoltaic silicon for experimental purposes. Researchers can use them to create custom-sized wafers or test new designs and materials for solar cells.

  4. Recycling and Reprocessing: In recycling and reprocessing facilities, where old or damaged solar panels are broken down for their valuable materials, diamond wire loop saws can be used to cut the silicon wafers from the panels. These wafers can then be reprocessed and used in the production of new solar panels, contributing to sustainability efforts.

  5. Custom Solar Projects: In some cases, custom solar projects may require unique shapes or sizes of solar cells. Diamond wire loop saws can be employed to cut silicon wafers to meet the specific requirements of these projects.

Overall, the use of diamond wire loop saws for cutting photovoltaic silicon is essential in the solar industry for both mass production and specialized applications. These tools provide precision and efficiency in shaping the silicon wafers that are at the heart of solar cell technology.


Length Options:

  1. 840 mm  ;1600 mm;1870 mm;2000 mm;2100 mm;2250mm;2950mm;3000 mm;3200mm;3980mm;4000 mm;4200mm;4430 mm;4500mm;4780mm;5000mm;6740mm;7040mm;8000mm;9300mm.

  2. Diameter of Wire Saw:

  • The diameter of the wire saw can range from 0.35 mm to 2.5 mm, depending on the specific requirements of the cutting application. Different diameters may be chosen for different materials and cutting needs.

Grit Size Options:

  1. 70/80;140/170;170/200;200/230;270/325

Grit size options determine the coarseness or fineness of the diamond particles on the wire loop and are selected based on the material and the desired cutting characteristics.

With these length, diameter, and grit size options, you can choose the most suitable Diamond Wire Loop for your specific cutting application.

Customized:customized to meet specific size requirements based on your particular needs and applications. Customized sizes offer the flexibility to adapt to various projects and surfaces. Whether you require smaller sheets for precision work or larger sheets for more extensive tasks, Our factory can often accommodate your requests for diamond sandpaper sheets in the size that best suits your requirements. When ordering customized sizes, be sure to provide the dimensions and quantity needed to ensure you receive the tailored product you require.

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